I am a front-end developer and games developer on the side. I have 4 years commercial experience working in various web related roles, and the occasional web game and Unity app. I've built projects for - BBC, Disney, Nickelodeon, Turner (Cartoon Network and various Turner Network Sites), Universal, eOne.

When building a website I focus on these main aspects:

  • Quality of experience
  • Performance of website
  • Desktop / Mobile feature parity
  • Always Responsive
  • DRY code
  • Easy to maintain and pass to other developers
  • All code modular components and scalable
  • Localisation in mind
  • Fancy animations when meaningful and enhance the experience

My Workflow

I'm used to working with designers, producers and other developers to achieve the best possible end-product, striving for the most amazing visual effects, UX clarity, or enhancements and flourishes.

I take part in brain storms, meet clients and involve myself in every step of the projects life cycle to ensure everything will come together in the best possible way.

My stack includes:

  • Webpack
  • SCSS
  • VueJS/React/Vanilla - ES6 classes/files compiled with webpack.
  • SVGs or PNGQuant'd images
  • Modernizr


  • HTML / CSS (SASS/LESS/Stylus)
  • JavaScript
  • Webpack
  • VueJS
  • Unity
  • Java
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator